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Toys For Kids Charity

Two weeks ago I was approached by fellow Atlantic City poker pro Billy Vogel about the Toys For Kids Charity event. Billy has been involved with organizing this amazing event over the past six years. Toys For Kids is a very simple concept. Donations are collected primarily from the poker community. 100% of those donations are used to purchase toys that are given out to children prior to Christmas. This year, all toys will be donated at Winter Wonderland on Dec 10th in Atlantic City. A second component of this charity is the Global Medical Relief Fund. The Global Medical Relief Fund provides cash donations to Children’s Hospitals to help directly save lives. Any left over money from toys is donated directly to this cause.

The Toys For Kids charity peaked in 2014 when a total of $8,113 was spent between Toys and a donation to the Global Relief Fun. The charity had become exceedingly successful, which is why the Global Relief Fund was added to provide donations to Children’s Hospital. This also allows us to receive donations after we purchase the toys. This “extra” money is then provided to the Global Medical Relief Fund.

Toys For Kids Charity was started on TwoPlusTwo six years ago, as a way for poker players to give back to the community. Players worked together to provide smiles for kids. Eventually, the charity became too large to be promoted on TwoPlusTwo. Now Billy Vogel has taken the reigns to make sure the charity goes on.

Join me in helping out this great cause this holiday season! Any donation helps as Billy has acquired significant discounts with local stores to purchase toys. A $5 donation can help us provide a couple toys for this great event. Even better, if you are a poker player, donate a percentage of profits next week to help our cause.

I will be donating 5% of all profits of this weeks Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open events to this great cause. This includes the $3500 main event. I will be helping Billy this year with the purchase and distribution of toys at the Winter Wonderland event on Saturday, December 10th. I encourage others to make a donation of any size to help us with this great cause.

All donations can be made through the website Billy has set up a PayPal account to receive all donations.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and remember to love and appreciate this amazing game we are fortunate to play. Let’s work together to help give back to the communities we play in!


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