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Welcome! I am extremely excited to finally launch my new website, as it has been an idea in the making for over a year. will give me an organized and professional way to distribute strategy content. As well as, promote my availability for private 1 on 1 coaching. I look forward to using this blog to post various strategy articles, tournament reports and promote upcoming events, such as webinars and live training. This will provide a platform to communicate with you, the reader.

After eight years of playing for a living, I want to move into a different role in the poker community. After several requests, I have decided to begin 1 on 1 private coaching. I am revolving these coaching sessions around increasing profitability in large field no limit hold-em tournaments. As well as, low to mid stakes NLH cash games. These are the games where I have made a vast amount of my profits.

If you are interested in private one on one coaching, I have limited spots left for students. Shoot me an email on the contact page with a short bio, areas in your game that need improvement and any other questions you may have. Private coaching is one of the most under-utilized forms of improving your game. An investment in your game now, can increase returns dramatically in the future. Sign up for the email list on the contact page, to make sure you don't miss an update!

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